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Ashley Hooper is a writer, musician, & artist living in New Orleans, Louisiana. She lives in a giant house with many beautiful women & no bathtubs. She loves erasure poems & word searches, but is notoriously bad at crossword puzzles. She will sing you a song if you ask, especially if you are her lover, but can be shy about it. Sometimes you may have to ask her to speak up & speak boldy, but this is something she’s working on. Ashley loves tiny things, & is frequently entertained by loud and brash people and crashing objects. In her spare time, she likes to make mosaics, mostly because she has to smash plates to do so, & finds the act of smashing things cathartic sometimes. Once someone she loved very much told her she only drew crooked birds, & it was true. For years she drew only crooked birds, & it became her, this idea of a crooked bird, a skewed view. She likes to interpret the world like a tiny body in flight, dashing madly this way & that, often flying far away from the things she cares about most, distant, a bird’s eye view.

Ashley doesn’t sleep much, but drinks an abundance of hot water throughout the day, even in the summer, as her gram told her it would make her immortal. Once during a trek to the village of Therma, on the tiny island of Ikaria, Greece, she bathed in the hot sulphur springs. She rubbed the salty rocks across her skin until it became orange & iridescent, because someone told her it would give her the secret to living forever. This is where her mother’s family is from & the place where people sometimes live really do forever, & so she thinks, why not me too, why not try to live forever? She never did find out the secret, & probably won’t live forever, but she hopes she leaves something behind.

She will display her words here, nakedly, via this blog because it gives her something to do in the morning. Ashley still loves olives, & she probably loves you too. She hopes you like her work & if you do, you can write her a love letter letting her know.

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